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Transform your business ideas into a solid brand.

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We provide all the tools to bring your ideas to life.

Have an idea for a business? We'll provide all the resources needed including your own expert team to get the ball rolling.

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Get a head start when getting started.

Every business needs a great team to be successful. That's why we provide start-ups with their own team of experts from the get-go.

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Behind every successful business is a great team.


Focus on running your business while we bring in the customers.

We’ve done years of research studying what goes into a successful start-up, & now that we’ve found a formula, we’ve rolled it all into bespoke packages that give business owners the peace of mind to focus on what matters.

Your own team of experts all at your disposal

With your team of experts in marketing, graphic design, web design & more, you can have peace of mind knowing things are being taken care off, even when you're on vacation.

Track your business growth with monthly reports

We're always keeping track of your key engagements across social media and the web to identify the areas you can improve on.

Join a specific plan made just for you

Everyone is different, and we know it. That's why all of our clients get a programme specific just for their specific brand. This delivers the best possible results and ensure you get what you pay for.

Starting a successful business is like baking a cake

You need to know all the right ingredients, what order to put them in, and how long to leave it in the oven for.
Imagine us as your team of cake specialists.
We gather the ingredients, throw them together in the correct order and put it all in the oven for you. All you have to do is spread the icing and put the cherry on top.


About Us

Kikstart Now is an incubator program powered by creative thinkers & start-up founders who all share one thing in common, building great brands.
Our mission is to give new businesses a head start when getting started. To do this, we've taken all the services that are usually offered by a creative agency, and rolled them into a bespoke package that comes with your own super team of experts.


The secret to getting ahead is getting started.

“Kikstart understood our values & made our vision come to life in a matter of months.”

Christian Adeshola, Co-Founder of Blu Square

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